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JuicyQuotes – About Us


We created JuicyQuotes because we wanted to create a website with all the best quotes that people might be searching for. We have a huge variety of quote categories so you can find the perfect quotes you are looking for. Our hope is that you will gain some good knowledge from these quotes and learn something from them and leave our page with something positive. For each quote, we have created a unique picture quote to go with it. Picture Quotes are nice to share with your friends and we have made it easy to share each quote with your friends.


We then added jokes to our website because we realized that we also enjoy bringing people smiles and laughs. So once again we spent hundreds of hours finding all the best and funniest jokes. Obviously, people have a different taste in jokes and humor so for that reason, we have included a huge variety of joke categories on our page and each category has a large number of jokes. We hope that you will find many funny jokes that you can laugh at and tell your friends. Once again we have created pictures for each joke, to make it easy to share them with your friends and have a bit more visual to the jokes.

Funny Pictures:

Once the jokes were done, the last missing link what people like as well on top of jokes were funny pictures. So we started a page for funny pictures, cute pictures, and many other categories, to once again give you, even more reasons so smile or laugh and leave our page with a happier feeling. People started sending us funny pictures they liked and have we have been building the collection of funny pics that users liked. The funny pictures might be their own or ones they just really find funny. If you find a picture that is your own and you don’t want it on the website we will, of course, take it down. Just send us an email.


Our goal and mission for this page is to bring you valuable information that you can enjoy and gain something from and with the funny stuff just to make you laugh, smile and brighten up your day. In the future, we will probably create even more pages. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.