iPhone Jokes and Puns

Enjoy these funny iPhone jokes and puns. Perfect for people who either love or hate iPhones. Make sure to also check out our other funny jokes categories.

iPhone Joke – 8


Snow White came home late one evening after a long walk in the woods.
The dwarfs were waiting for her, all seven of them frantic with worry.
“I tried to call you on my iPhone,” she said. “But none of you picked up.”
“Hardly a surprise,” replied Grumpy. “You know we don’t allow apples in this cottage.”

iPhone Joke – 5


A guy at a bus stop with his iPhone 7… He suddenly realizes that he needs to fart. He logs into ITunes and turns up the volume thinking ‘if the music is loud no one will hear’ So he farts… When he looks around, everyone’s staring at him. He then realizes that he was listening to his iPhone with headphones.