Jacob Zuma Jokes and Puns

Here are funny Jacob Zuma jokes and puns for all South African people to enjoy. These are some funny jokes about the South African President. Also, check out our other funny jokes categories.


Funny Jacob Zuma Joke


Gwede Mantashe gave R10 to Jacob Zuma to buy him some biscuits. Then, Cyril Ramaphosa also gave Zuma R10 to buy him a bread. After 20 minutes Zuma strolled back into the Union Buildings without anything in his hands. They asked him what was wrong, Zuma replied: “Your R5’s are both the same, so I did not know which one is for biscuits and which one is for bread.”

Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma Joke


Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma are at school. One day, in the classroom, the teacher decided to test their knowledge.
Teacher: “Julius, can you please give us three different colours that you know. Julius: “Brown, dark brown, and light brown. Teacher: “Oh, I see. Jacob can you also give us three different colours that you know?” Jacob: “Yebo kulula lokho mam. “Loaf brown, Chris Brown, and Brown Dash.”