Life Jokes and Puns

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Life joke about an art gallery


At an art gallery, a woman and her ten-year-old son were having a tough time choosing between one of my paintings and another artist’s work. They finally went with mine. “I guess you decided you prefer an autumn scene to a floral,” I said. “No,” said the boy. “Your painting’s wider, so it’ll cover three holes in our wall.”

Joke about work emails


How To Translate Work Emails
I have a question. = I have 18 questions.
I’ll look into it. = I’ve already forgotten about it.
I tried my best. = I did the bare minimum.
Happy to discuss further. = Don’t ask me about this again.
No worries. = You really messed up this time.
Take care. = This is the last you’ll ever hear from me.
Cheers! = I have no respect for you or myself!

Life joke about prison


A mother writes a letter to her sun, who is in a prison. Dear sun, life’s so hard for me since they took you to a prison: nobody digs a vegetable garden, nobody plants potatos… The sun writes back to her mother: Mom, please stay away from the garden. If you start digging it, the police may come and both take you to a prison and prolong mine imprisonment.. Mother writes back to her sun: Darling, together with your last letter police came. They digged all over the garden, but haven’t found anything. The left being extremely frustrated. Sun writes his mom: I helped as much, as I could with this. Please plant the potatos by yourself.