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Nigerian Sunday School Joke


Among other funny Christian jokes of Akpos is the one called “Many are called” Akpos is at a Sunday school class. A taught is checking how people learned the Bible verses at home. So he starts: Teacher: Akpos, finish the sentence: “Many are called but…” Akpos: … but few have credit to call you back.”

Nigerian School Joke


Akpos came from school looking confused. His mother asks him: Mother. Why is it that you seem puzzled? Was there anything wrong with your paper today? Akpos: Yes, mum. The teacher asked what the past form of the word “think” was. I could not remember it, so I spent much time on it. I thought and thought, and decided that the right answer was “thinked.”

Nigerian Christian Joke


Akpos was taking a walk in the wild places. Suddenly, a bush moved, and he saw a lion running toward him. Being a Christian, he decided to pray and ask God to save him. After a short but passionate prayer, he opened his eyes only to notice a lion kneeling down and praying with its eyes closed. Puzzled Akpos asked the lion: – So, are you also a Christian, right? The lion opened its eyes and shushed at Akpos: – Don’t you know one has to say a prayer before having lunch?!