Funny Office Jokes

Our funny office jokes are great jokes to share with your co-workers at break times and who knows maybe your boss or the company owner appreciates a funny work joke too when things get a bit serious to lighten up the day with some laughs.

Funny School Joke – 34


A mother complained to my wife, 
a schoolteacher, that other students were stealing her daughter’s pencils.
“It’s not the money—it’s the 
principle,” she insisted. “My husband took those pencils from work.”

Funny School Joke – 24


A mom calls out to her son “Harry! Wake up! You’ll be late for school.” The son replies, “Mom I don’t want to go to school! The teachers and students hate me! Give me one reason I should go!” The mom says back, “You should go because you’re the principal!”

Funny Office Joke – 36


I went for a job interview today and the interviewer asked me, “What would you consider to be your main weaknesses and strengths?”
I said, “Well my main weakness would be my issues with reality, telling what’s real from what’s not.”
They then asked, “And your strengths?”
I said, “I’m Batman.”

Funny Office Joke – 35


My boss asked me today, “Do you believe in life after death and the supernatural?”
I replied, “Yes, I think so.”
“I thought you would,” he said. “Yesterday after you left to go to your grandmother’s funeral, she phoned up to talk to you.”