Funny Office Joke - 20

Funny Office Joke – 20

Paddy got a job as a road line-painter. He paints 5 miles on the first day, 2 miles on the second day and 1 on the third day.
“You get worse and worse every day!” yelled his boss.
“That is because the bucket gets further and further away every day.” said Paddy.

Funny Office Joke - 22

Funny Office Joke – 22

My boss told me yesterday, “Ken, you shouldn’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.”

But when I turned up at the office today in Ghostbuster’s clothing, she said I was fired.

Funny Office Joke - 39

Funny Office Joke – 39

My boss told me that there is no such thing as problems, only opportunities.
I said, “That’s great. Well I have a serious drinking opportunity.”

Funny Office Joke - 38

Funny Office Joke – 38

I love my job.
Colleagues have been writing names on the food in the office fridge – I’m currently eating a yoghurt called Susan. How cute!

Funny Office Joke - 35

Funny Office Joke – 35

My boss asked me today, “Do you believe in life after death and the supernatural?”
I replied, “Yes, I think so.”
“I thought you would,” he said. “Yesterday after you left to go to your grandmother’s funeral, she phoned up to talk to you.”

Funny Office Joke - 34

Funny Office Joke – 34

When I got to work this morning, my boss stormed up to me and said, “You missed work yesterday, didn’t you?”
I said, “No, not particularly.”

Funny Office Joke - 32

Funny Office Joke – 32

My ESL students try so hard and are so appreciative. One student paid me the ultimate compliment when she said, “You teach English good.” Another assured me, “I will always forget you.” And a third insisted, “I thank you from the heart of my bottom.”

Funny Office Joke - 29

Funny Office Joke – 29

I’ve been working on my PhD 
in engineering for the past five years, but my kids don’t necessarily see that as work.
As we were driving past Walmart one day, my son spotted a Now Hiring sign and suggested that I could get a job there.
Hoping to make a point, I asked, “Do you think they’re looking for an engineer?”
“Oh, sure,” he said. “They’ll hire anybody.”

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