Zoo Jokes and Puns

Here are funny zoo jokes and puns that are perfect for kids and anyone else. They will make you laugh. Also, take a look at our animal jokes and our other funny jokes categories.


Funny Zoo Joke


A zookeeper is ordering new animals. As he fills out the forms, he types “two mongeese.” That doesn’t look right, so he tries “two mongoose,” then “two mongooses.” Giving up, he types, “One mongoose, and while you’re at it, send another one.”

Funny Penguin Zoo Joke


A man is driving down the freeway with his two pet penguins when he gets pulled over by a cop for speeding. After the cop hands over the speeding ticket to the driver, he notices the 2 penguins. The cop informs the driver that he must take the penguins to the zoo. The driver agrees to do so. Two months later, the same man is pulled over by the same cop for speeding. The cop notices the penguins again only now they are wearing sunglasses and eating ice cream. The cop says, “I thought I told you to take those penguins to the zoo.” The man responds, “I did take them to the zoo, now I’m taking them to the beach.”