Chess Quotes and Sayings

Enjoy these great chess quotes and sayings. Chess is one of the greatest board games. We hope all the chess players and enthusiasts will benefit from these quotes.

Game of Chess Quote

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“I’m not much of a chess player, but there is an aspect of the game that I find fascinating. After a while, you can almost see lines of force between the pieces. Areas of danger where it is physically impossible to move pieces into. Clouds of possibility, forbidden zones.” – Hannu Rajaniemi

Chess Grand-master Quote

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“I didn’t picture myself as even a grandmaster, to say nothing of aspiring to the chess crown. This was not because I was timid – I wasn’t – but because I simply lived in one world, and the grandmasters existed in a completely different one. People like that were not really even people, but like gods or mythical heroes.” – Anatoly Karpov